Dec 14

Sport Rights and Broadcasting – Legal Anaylsis with Adrian Barr-Smith

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Nov 14

Law Book Review: Sports Law in a Nutshell, 4th (Nutshell Series) by Jr. Walter T. Champion

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Oct 14

Sports Law Park movie 2

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Sep 14

Sports Law Video-JacksonY

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Sep 14

Anthony Bosch ‘guilty’ to selling PEDs to MLB players

Guy Lewis, the attorney for Anthony Bosch reported that he would enter plea the following month. “My client will continue to co-operate with the ongoing federal investigation that includes several associated of Alex Rodriguez’s inner circle of the Yankees.” Lewis told reporters.

Rumors of the Biogenesis founder, Anthony Bosch selling PEDs or Performance Enhancing Drugs to prominent Major League Baseball players like Alex Rodriguez had been around for some time until further investigation shed light to the truth of the matter. Bosch has been charged with a testosterone distribution conspiracy and a 10 year imprisonment term. Members featuring prominently in Alex Rodriguez’s inner circle include his cousin Yuri Sucart and Jorge Velazquez, who supposedly is a close associate.

The hearing will take place in October before Gayles, and although there is no proper schedule for the trial, he said on Wednesday that it would be in about a month’s time at the Miami federal court. “Tony will continue his full cooperation, all that is required is a resolution which is negotiated with the government,” said Lewis as reported by the Daily News.

Bosch played safe and turned himself in to federal agents after there had been a series of arrests of other defendants on 5, August, 2014. Although Bosch has charged with the conspiracy of distributing testosterone, his sentence could drastically reduce with his cooperation with the federal government. “The cases against the other defendants need to be sorted first and the prosecutors until then will not recommend a sentencing, and that process could very well take up a few years. What the sentence will be is too difficult to say right now. The authorities will also assess the cooperation from the part of my client in this regard,” Guy Lewis was heard stating.

Aug 14

Sport Law: Negligence Video

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Jul 14

Bulgaria Sofia Lawfirm Lawyers Commercial Sports Law

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Jun 14

Law Book Review: Casenote Legal Briefs: Sports Law – Keyed to Weiler & Roberts by Casenote Legal …

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Jun 14

ASU turns innovator- launches Sports Law & Business Program

ASU (Arizona State University) is on its way to turn an innovator across the field of sports law of late with the launch of its latest program on Sports law & business program.

ASU’s new program would enable students to grasp the legal & business complexities faced by sports executives, both on & off field. There’re a great lot of legal and ethical dilemmas which sports executives have to combat regularly & this program is meant to develop some legal scholars expert enough to smoothen these difficult matters.

Entitled as M.L.S (Master of Legal Studies), it is going to be a 1-year long degree program for those not from legal background. Students with legal background would be able to participate in the course that would get them an LL.M (Master of Laws) degree end of the course. In every program, the students would take 18-21 credits right from law school & 6-9 credits right from ASU’s W.P. Carey Business School.

ASU Law professor Rodney Smith said- “I have got professional experience in sports law for 3 decades & can say that we are in need of pros trained both in law & business- that would assist them to deal with revenue & regulatory issues across sports field. I do not think that any American program extends master’s degree just as this with simply an intensive single study year.”

ASU has proposed to start off the new program from 2014-15 academic year & it would have courses with specialization in development of the multidisciplinary problem-solving, analytical skills and strategic management. The programs would be brief & personalized, accepting less than 30 people in the first year. The courses would also involve team-based learning & highlight at the real-world issues such as player unionization, stadium problems etc.

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